Isn’t it funny how old-fashioned notions make their way into the present? This collection of short essays about author Gina Fava’s Italian-American life is a personal reflection on old-fashioned pastimes that have found their way into today. Whatever your own cultural heritage, you might find that you can relate to many of them. Some stories might invoke nostalgia, others may incite a desire to learn, share, and experience more about the Italian culture. Also included are never-before-published, traditional family recipes, expertly paired with the perfect wine. Take a moment to linger over stories of tradition, family, food, wine, art, travel, and other morsels rich with heritage.

AVAILABLE JULY 21, 2018 in Digital & Print

ISBN #978-0-9893587-8-1

"Gina Fava makes the reader feel like one of the family...Her personal experiences and recipes will whet your appetite for all things Italian."

-Steven P. Marini, award winning author of the Jack Contino Crime series

"Young or old, Italian or not, you will immerse in the pastimes and traditions in Un Momento. [It] made me laugh and reminisce...[and] appreciate my upbringing.  [A]n inspiration!"

-Daniela Parisi Gawel, reviewer

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