"With twists and turns from the first page to the last, 

Gina Fava races to the head of the pack with Formula."

-J.M. Leduc, Amazon bestselling author, Sinclair O'Malley series

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The Race: A HELL Ranger Thriller


FORMULA: Another H.E.L.L. Ranger Thriller


When Formula One champion and covert agent Devlin Lucchesi and his HELL Ranger crew return to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix to win big, a rival racer is fatally poisoned at the finish line. Devlin and the HELL Rangers suspect tainted grappa. They investigate Aurora Vineyard, set atop a hotly contested aquifer in the Italian Dolomites.

Threatened by extreme water rights activists and cut-throat industry competitors, CEO Erika Aurora, dubbed “the Bloodsucker” by the industry, hires Devlin and his crew to hunt down her company’s usurper. The cases intertwine. Devlin deduces that the Aurora siblings may be tangled in a bloody power grab. Things heat up fast when the killer begins targeting the estate’s sibling owners one-by-one.

Soon it becomes clear that a thirst for control and revenge is quenched only with a poison formula derived from the vineyard’s secret family recipe. The stakes soar when the formula’s lethal reach extends to the thousands gathered at a Palio horse race in Siena, including Devlin’s son, and to the world leaders of a global water summit in Verona. Devlin must risk everything to hunt down the killer and halt a poisonous calamity that threatens worldwide ramifications.


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Praise for FORMULA

"Whirlwind pacing, breathless action, a sexy hero, a tough but stunning heroine, and an unlikely pairing of Formula 1 car racing with the world of wine making. Devlin Lucchesi doesn’t know whether to bed his new client, Erika Aurora, or detain her. But he does want to find out what caused the death of his racing rival. [An] electrifying mystery."

-Sheila McCormick, author of 

Cousin Andrew

"Strap in. Fava races to the top of her genre with Formula. The HELL Rangers will take you on the ride of your life."

-J.M. Leduc, author of Sin and

 Painted Beauty

​"Gina Fava is at the top of the class for both the mystery and thriller genres; no easy task. Fava not only has a unique  talent for storytelling...her meticulous research brings credibility, depth and real beauty to [her] novel that will satisfy both men and women. If you can't get enough of Daniel Silva, Dennis Lehane or J.K. Rowling, add Gina Fava's HELL Ranger series to your bucket list."

-Stephen Besecker, author of The Samaritan and Executive Power

THE RACE: A HELL Ranger Thriller




Ah, Rome, The Eternal City in all its majesty: St. Peter's Square, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the Coliseum. Devlin "Lucky" Lucchesi has made a home here with his pregnant wife, Ella, and his five-year-old son, Marcello. As an American-born, car-racing champion who has won the hearts of fans across Europe, Devlin has settled into a happy-go-lucky existence. His alter ego as a covert special operative HELL Ranger feels far away. That is, until a terror attack decimates Rome's train station, and rips Lucky's life apart. To blame is Ishmael Zaid, an elusive international terrorist, and a villain from Devlin's past.

Devlin vows revenge, and he teams with his blood-brother Lupo, the sexy BBC reporter Ana Malia, and his HELL Ranger crew to battle Ishmael's "Race" of Islamic extremist followers. But, as they rush to diffuse a dozen more bombs set to wipe Rome off the map by midnight, it becomes unclear who is with Lucky, who is against him, and who might be up for sale along the way.

The stakes skyrocket when Ishmael kidnaps young Marcello as retribution for a transgression in Devlin's past. What's more, in the aftermath of a recent papal election, Ishmael violates the sanctity of the Vatican, robbing one of its ancient relics to employ as an audacious symbol of war on mankind.

Devlin and Ishmael finally collide in a showdown that will ultimately determine the fate of the world. Can Lucky and his band of HELL Rangers beat Ishmael at his own game, or will they be blasted into eternity along with the City of the Seven Hills?


ISBN #85792570974593785

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Praise for THE RACE

"The Race has the thriller essences of Dan Brown, and the cheeky humor of Harlan Coben. Fava's knowledge of weaponry and terrorism...brings authenticity to the story." 

-C. Florio, Amazon reviewer

​"Gina Fava's The Race is a high-octane thriller, rich with action, imagination, and intriguing suspense." 

-August McLaughlin, author of In Her Shadow, an Indies Excellence Awards finalist

"I found myself drawn into the story...and falling in love with the characters. It is exciting to me that this book is just the first in a series of HELL Ranger thrillers." 

-Amy Marbach, Bad Groove car racing blog

"Thrilling action and intrigue at its best!" 

-Steven M. Moore, author of The Midas Bomb

"This is what you want when you think of a great thriller. The action sequences are really exciting...and you LOVE the characters. Tough one to put down for sure!" 

​-J. Korman, Amazon reviewer

"The Race is compelling, hard to put down, and bound to thrill the heck out of the reader."

-JH Bogran, author of Treasure Hunt

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